About Fino Saunas

American Health Inc. Logo FINO Saunas is one of the world's leading sauna and steam brands. We are known to produce the most innovative sauna, steam and infrared heating technologies that sets us apart from any other brand. The FINO Saunas name has become synonymous with the "finest sauna and steam equipment produced". Our company is focused on providing the very finest equipment for luxury wellness experiences. We pride ourselves on not only producing sauna and steam equipment with the most advanced cutting-edge technology, but by rigorously testing our products to always strive for perfection in our industry.

Our parent company: American Health Inc is now a worldwide organization that focuses on North, Central, South America, Europe, Africa as well as Oceania distributing products as well as providing sauna and steam support in more than five languages.

Our mission is simple: to provide the absolute finest sauna equipment available in the world.

FINO Saunas offers 1st class customer support, as well as an industry leading warranty backed the most recognized name in the luxury sauna and steam industry.

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