Health Benefits

Proper use of your sauna is relatively easy to accomplish. The preferred procedure is as follows:

  1. Preheat the sauna by turning on the temperature meter and the timer 15 to 20 minutes prior to entering;
  2. Fill the water bucket and placed the bucket and water ladle inside the sauna room;
  3. You may want to begin, at least initially, with a temperature setting that is something less than the maximum temperature permitted until you become accustom to how much heat your body can handle. All the benefits of a sauna can be achieved without necessarily utilizing maximum heat available;
  4. You may also want to cushion the cedarwood seating by placing a towel on the wood;
  5. Each time you ladle water onto the hot rocks you should refrain from adding more water for approximately 100 seconds. This gives the room time to fill with the heat generated by the water and allows the rocks to return to high temperature before the next dose of water is ladled onto the rocks;
  6. There will be times when the sauna room reaches temperatures that are so high that it is uncomfortable to remain in the room. We suggest that you have some weights just outside the room to allow you to exercise your muscles while you take a brief response from the heat. Lifting weights while cooling off will tone your body while you give yourself an opportunity to breathe freely and allow the perspiration to evaporate somewhat before reentering;
  7. We suggest that the maximum time needed for a thorough sauna bath is 1 hour. That hour may be punctuated by 2 or 3 breaks approximately 20 minutes apart so as to allow the body to recuperate, lower its temperature then reinvigorated again with the soothing heat of the sauna;
  8. At the end of one hour we suggest that you immediately shower but without the use of hand soap or shampoo. Virtually all commercial products contain ingredients that are not as healthy for your skin or hair as the processor simply washing away the toxins that have come out of your body and your hair during the sauna bath. The best way to rid your body of those toxins is with water only;
  9. 1 or 2 hours later will be the time for soap and shampoo if you choose to take a more conventional shower long after the toxins on your skin have been washed away and down the drain.
  10. If you have not done so during the course of your sauna, do not forget to rehydrate by drinking lots of clean fresh water or pure coconut water.
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