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Fino Sauna Kits


We offer a full line of sauna material packages (commonly known as sauna kits). A typical sauna kit includes all of the tongue-and-groove, kiln-dried wood for the interior walls and ceiling, plus the wood for the benches and floors, a Fino Sauna brand stainless steel sauna heater with electronic control and sauna rocks, a sauna door with hinges, a vapor-proof light, a roll of vapor barrier, and some accessories to help you enjoy your sauna experience, such as a plastic-lined wooden sauna bucket, a ladle and a wooden climate station, which shows you the temperature and humidity inside your sauna. Any general contractor, and most handy-people and do-it-yourselfers can build a custom sauna using one of your sauna kits within a few days.


Pre-built Saunas

For those that prefer to install a sauna with only a screwdriver, we offer modular pre-built saunas. Please call to ask about which pre-built sauna is right for you. At a later date we will be adding some of these great models to our Web site.

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