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About Fino Sauna


FINO has been producing some of the World's finest, most innovative Residential and
Commercial Sauna Heaters, Steam Generators and Infrared Emitters since 1996.

Our Sauna Heaters are fabricated of stainless steel inside and out ensuring long-lasting
durability and efficiency backed by a lifetime warranty.  They also have a large rock
capacity and include state-of-the-art separate controls.

FINO has also developed the most powerful and efficient steam
generators on the market today, and, all FINO steam generators include their
patented, innovative Rapid Start Technology first developed in Germany in 2008. 
Virtually every other steam generator on the market today uses old "split tank
technology" making them less efficient and more expensive to operate.  This old
technology causes other steam generators to continuously use electricity as they
constantly heat one of the two tanks.  The Rapid Start Technology used in FINO
steam generators use instead one single, efficient tank.  The resulting savings on
electricity and maintenance costs are significant. Also, with FINO steam
generators, the water is completely flushed out of the unit after each use, preventing
the build-up of sediments in the steam generator.

Our steam generators use simple sizing.  No more complicated formulas!  With FINO
steam generators sizing is simple: Length x Width x Height will determine the appropriate
size steam generator you will need, no matter what wall material is used.  FINO
steam generators are also backed by a lifetime warranty.

FINO utilize cutting edge German engineering in the production of the world's best
Infrared Emitters.  Infrared Finosaunas' Infrared Emitters are used today in some of the
world's leading medical facilities to rid patients of dangerous cancer-causing toxins.

FINO exports to North, Central and South America, Europe and Oceania.

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